About Bobbie

I am a Licensed Massage Therapist and Esthetician             and have worked as one for 17 years. I have performed thousands of massages ( about 900 every year ) so if you wonder do I...



Bobbie Pawlucka, LMT 

1110 N. Lombard Ave.                                        

Oak Park, IL 60302



Do you have neck, shoulder or back pain ?

Are you suffering from anxiety, depression, stress ?

Are you looking for a therapist with years of experience ?



If you answered yes to any of those questions you are in the right place, I have served Oak Park clients for the last 9 years and love to see people get rid of their pain and start feeling better and get back to their productive lives.

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While I am on maternity leave, I do have a local recommendation for a massage therapist ( she is the person I go to for my massages ) - she is very good and will definitely help you if you need therapy before I come back.
6955 W. North Ave., Suite 103
Oak Park, IL 60302
Stacy Farmer
Tel: 708-634-6955
FYI, at this time she can offer 30 min. massage with both client and therapist wearing a mask.
She is 5 min. west from my location ( by Buona Beef )