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Give your body what it needs and it will heal itself!


Body Balance is a whole food supplement -" it's like juiced sea vegetables", rich in vitamins,minerals, enzymes and more, it will help to:

  • boost your energy
  • build your immune system                                                  image
  • reduce inflammation
  • reduce toxic build up
  • oxygenate your body

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(  Recommended daily serving for adults is 4 oz.

which would be 4 bottles for 30 day supply.





 People who have been taking Body Balance report following benefits :

Stronger immune system

Increased energy, motivation and productivity

Reduction/elimination of pain

Balanced digestive system and thyroid issues

Relief from headaches and migraines

Regulating blood pressure and cholesterol

Increased libido and fertility

Balancing of blood sugar

Freedom from allergies

Decreased food intolerance

Better sleep

Improved mood and moving forward ability

Better behavior in children

Assistance for cancer sufferers

Reduced sugar cravings

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Did you know that 80% Americans have a Magnesium deficiency, leading to a lot of common aches and paines.

You can use this magnesium spray (as it absorbs best thru contact with skin) to :

Pure Magnesium Oil

  • alleviating low-back pain
  • headaches, migraines
  • muscle soreness and spasms
  • pain of restless legs
  • get better sleep at night
  • boost energy

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You will also get a free Ebook  - A Magnesium Oil Guide included with your purchase.

This product is quite potent, you might need to dilute it with water ( 1: 1 ratio ) initially if you experience itching on your skin or just use it on your feet ( insoles ).


Click below to read about 10 Evidence-Based Health Benefits of Magnesium





 Can biomat really assist your body in healing from inside out ?

Science and experience say yes.

Thousands of people have used biomat to : 

- alleviate pain ( back pain, neck pain, arthritis )

- induce good night sleep

- feel deeply relaxed

- detoxify body

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Is it safe to use at home ?

Yes, it is an FDA approved medical device for pain relief.

How is it different from a heating blanket ?

Biomat uses Far Infrared Heat, 28 lbs of tumbled Amethyst crystals and negative ions. The FIR heat  penetrates deep inside your body ( up to 6" ) to start the healing process at cellular level, heating pad just warms up the surface of your body and has no detoxifying effects.

Can you sleep on biomat overnight ?

Yes, it is designed for overnight use on low or no heat, it has no metal coils so it will not cause any harm ( make sure you follow instructions ).

Can children use biomat ?

Yes, actually children with autism and ADHD have shown great improvement in their conditions, you can start with short sessions- 15, 30min. and preferably from age 4, 5 y.o.

Is there a warranty on this product ?

Yes, company offers 7 days money back quarantee. Plus 3 year warranty for repairs. Plus small repair cost for after 3 years.

Can biomat be used to speed up healing in some serious health conditions like cancer ?

Absolutely, it is proven that cancer cells die at 104 - 107 degrees. Please watch the video below :

With such powerful technology is this product quite expensive ?

I think for the value that it brings to your life it's definitely affordable, prices start at $ 700 for mini-mat and $ 1700 for regular size biomat, all the way up to $ 4000 for King size mat ( for use on your bed ).

Where can I order one ?

I would be happy to place an order for biomat for you and make sure that you get warranty and all training to set it up correctly, plus if you purchase from me you will get $ 50 Gift Certificate towards any service at Massage by Bobbie. Just text 312 404 4979 or email me at bobbiepawlucka(at) . You can also make a purchase thru my website :

www.Biomat-Healing.cowant to purchase one as a Christmas Gift when should I order it ?

Usual delivery can take up to 3 weeks, since product is made in Korea and company is based out of Hawaii, it's best to place an order as soon as you decide to buy.

Are there discounts available ?

To keep integrity for all sales, discounts are not allowed. However if you have a health/wellness license such as : doctor, nurse, massage therapist, acupuncturist, chiropractor etc. you can buy professional size Biomat for $ 1600.