About Bobbie

I am a Licensed Massage Therapist and Esthetician            image

and have worked as one for 17 years. I have performed

thousands of massages ( about 900 every year ) so if

you wonder do I know what I'm doing, the answer is

- yes, you can relax... you are in good hands.

I am a cheerful, highly skilled therapist and truly love making a difference in people's lives ! 

Whether you are looking for a relaxing escape from hectic lifestyle or to alleviate the pain in a specific area, like lower back or neck I would like to help! 

I do believe in wholistic healing so during massage I play soothing music and use aromatherapy to help you unwind.

My clients include Executives, Pro Basketball Players, Marathon Runners, Doctors, Lawyers, Students, Stay at home moms...people from all backgrounds and walks of life...so as you can see you can trust me with your body !
















Professional training :
European Healing and Massage Therapy School,
Skokie, IL 2002
Healing Art of MaUri Massage, Western Springs, IL 2006


Pivot Point Academy, Skin Care, Chicago, IL 2000


Catholic University od Lublin, Masters in Education, Poland, 1991