I believe the best testimonial comes directly from the people I've helped. Here's what some of my clients had to say :

"Bobbie's massages are the best, I wish I could get one every day..."
Dave D., Chicago, IL

"Location:  Great neighborhood, parked two buildings down,
Setting:     Personal yet professional, clean, peaceful, inviting, and well appointed
Ambiance:  Awesome music ( I want a copy of that cd ),candles, and water energy
Technique: Differs depending on what you want and what you need
Massage:   Oh yeah, right there, perfect pressure. Ahhh. Zzzzzzz. Huh, I was asleep?"
Pricing:      Great pricing, especially considering her indisputable expertise.
                 *Tipping well is appreciated AND its good karma*

And last, but not least...

 I don't know Bobbie's parents, but I would like to personally thank them for making such a wonderfully gifted woman. She's knowledgeable, personable, talented, spiritually and socially conscious, delightfully generous, and surprisingly...all of this comes wrapped up in an authentically beautiful woman. Considering my line of work; I pick up on people's vibes quickly, easily, and for the most part, accurately. Bobbie is the real thing, let me assure you.  People rarely agree on anything, and all of these 5 Star ratings are no coincidence. So go ahead- do your mind, body, and soul a HUGE favor and book an appointment with Bobbie. You can thank me later !!!"

Phlorenda P., Romeoville, IL  ( via filtered Yelp.com reviews )

" I would highly recommend Bobbie's massages, I am an athlete and train real hard, when I get massage from her I know my body will recover much quicker, she does excellent job and uses just the right amount of pressure..."
Jason G., Morton Grove, IL

"I love Bobbie's massage, the minute she touches me my whole body starts to let go, she does a great wholistic massage as she uses lotion with aromatherapy, relaxing music and candles, her space is very peaceful and she has a way to make you feel like you are miles away or just got back from vacation, highly recommend it, try it and you will love it ! "
Maggie B., Chicago, IL

I just wanted to say thank you for the massage you gave me Friday afternoon.
It was a wonderful massage, calming and rejuvenating at the same time. My back felt very relaxed and loose after you worked on it. You are very good at your craft. Thank you once again and I will be contacting you for a 90 min massage in the near future."
David W., Forest View, IL

"Bobbie's unhurried, deliberate and specific work is the best I've experienced.  Take full advantage of what the profession has to offer from a skilled therapist.  Bobbie is an absolute professional with a lovely personality.  Successful private practice is evidence you can expect a quality massage."

Sharon E., Oak Park, IL 

"I have traveled to the Far East...Japan, Hong Kong, Korea and thought I had received the best massages, 2 years ago I found ad for "Massage by Bobbie", since then I get a massage twice a month. I know now , Bobbie gives the most relaxing massage I have ever had, she uses aromatherapy, music, hot stones and various massage techniques. I am a Gemologist and Jeweler and build up tension in my shoulders and back. When Bobbie finishes her massage I am so relaxed...I normally can't move for 5 minutes."
Tom H., Oak Park, IL

P.S. I recommend the 90 min. massage !

"I first became a client of Bobbie's over a year ago. I've had many massages throughout the Chicagoland area and her's is the best by far.  The Four Seasons Spa clearly comes in second place as Bobbie has perfected her technique over the past 10 years and it clearly shows as I'm a regular weekly client. The only regret I have... is that I can't see her everyday."                                                          John, Oak Park, IL

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